Start a membership Discord group
Get paid in crypto
Add to Discord
Get paid in stablecoins
Easy install & setup
Instant settlement
Minimal fees
Smart contracts

Flexible billing functionality

Set billing intervals
Offer free trials
Create unlimited plans
Set grace period
Allow transferability
Allow pausing

Manage your susbcriptions from your Cask dashboard

How to get started accepting payments

1. Signup for a free Cask account.
Cask facilitates payments between two parties in a safe and secure way.
2. Define your payment plans.
Set the price, billing interval and more from your Cask account.
3. Add JanusBot to Discord.
One click install the Janus bot to your Discord server
4. Link Discord roles to plans.
In Discord assign each of your plans to specific roles.
5. Profit!
VIsitors to your Discord will be prompted to subscribe to your group using stablecoins.